Understanding Millennials In Video Marketing

Millennials are the future and the future is now. Shrewd marketers are constantly evolving their strategies to reach them, as millennials hold huge influence and buying power. Often we see hipsters’ loose, graphic language and bizarre electronic music incorporated into marketing campaigns to attract young customers. Yet the most effective tactic for brands and businesses to target millennials over the last several years has been video marketing.

millenial pic

80% of millennials now consult videos about a product or brand before making a purchase, and 76% actually subscribe and follow brands on YouTube. This leaves a large sphere of influence for marketers to use to their advantage and more effectively target their audience.

Despite millennials watching less television than any previous generation, online digital video has become a staple of millennial engagement strategy. Not only are millennials most attracted to this form of content, they are also more likely to share it with friends on social networks as well.

This should make video marketers ecstatic! Nearly half of B2B buyers are now millennials; and because increased share rates among this coveted demographic drive traffic spikes on your website, your potential customers can now organically access rich content and get exposed to your products.

Because millennials, the most diverse generation in American history, make up nearly half of the market researchers in the industry, it is more important than ever for the marketing community to continually adapt to the ever-changing millennial media appetite to attract new customers.

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